Stay Tuned for the Next Shows!

We are in the process of deciding our spring and summer shows. As soon as we have details finalized, we will announce auditions!

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Reader’s Theater at Aisle of Lights

Join us at the Aisle of Lights this Sunday, December 14 for cookies, hot cider, coffee and special Reader’s Theater presentations of Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Readings will be at 5:30pm, 6:15pm and 7pm in the CCPA lobby.

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Join us December 5 & 6 at the Hoover Library and Museum for A Seussified Christmas Carol

A Seussified Christmas Carol_sm

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Cast for A Seussified Christmas Carol

Congratulations to our cast, and thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Scrooge: Joseph Lapire
Narrator 1: Lucy Kaskie
Narrator 2: Elise Seery
Narrator 3: Lauren Siems
Narrator 4: Margaux Maurus
Jake Marley: Sam Nester
Bob Cratchit: Sean Harken
Bed-Headed Fred (Scrooge’s Nephew): Akash Choudhury
Miss Blakely (Solicitor 1): Aleigha Ausman
Mr. Forrest (Solicitor 2): Quincy Coghill-Behrends
Ghost of Christmas Past: Emma Furlong
Young Scrooge: Massimo Biggers
Belle: Asjah Weber
Belle’s Husband: Charlie Wait
Ghost of Christmas Present: A.J. Murdah
Mrs. Cratchit: Kyra Helmuth
Timmy Loo Hoo: Zoe Smith
Fred’s Wife: Mia Olson
Party Guest 1: Teagan Bollers
Party Guest 2: Beatrice Kaskie
Party Guest 3: Hanah Kitamoto
Party Guest 4: Valerie Teets
Ghost of Christmas Future (nonspeaking): Frannie Ogilvie
Girl: Maya Marquardt
Maid: Bryn Russell
Ensemble (Street people, rock band members, party guests, etc.): Isabel Murdah, Amelia Marquardt, Clive Guidry, Matthew Teets, Riley Uthe

Student Director: Serena Collins

Reader’s Theatre Pre-Performance Entertainment

Team Blitzen – Friday, December 5 evening
Madeline Struthers
Summer Saylor
Hannah Rechkemmer
Kate Rechkemmer
Elizabeth Morrilly
Ben Morrilly
Nolan Leick
Katie Nims
Sophia Nims
Davis Nepple
Will Jackson

Team Dasher – Saturday, December 6 matinee
Sydney Myers
Ruby Murray
Maisy Murray
Nora Ausman
Katy Ham
Zohrae McLaskey
Amira Qidwai
Olivia Russell
Rowan Russell
Madalyn Davis

Team Comet – Saturday, December 6 evening
Ana Nester
Hannah Robbins
Emily Kucera
Ella Kucera
Sammi Falduto
Piper Falduto
Laurel Preston
Jack Furlong
Amelia Keller
Elliana Ziegelbein
Sam Zimmerman
Brett Lapire

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Auditions for “A Seussified Christmas Carol”

This winter’s Hoover Library production is Peter Bloedel’s A Seussified Christmas Carol. This comedic take on the Dickens tale is told in rhymed verse, inspired by a certain children’s author. Directed by Tara Acton.

Anyone grades K-12 may audition. Those auditioning should be prepared to do a cold reading from provided scripts; they may also recite or read a short rhyming poem. Please bring a list of all conflicts from October 13 through December 6. Note that tech week (December 1-6) and performances will be mandatory for all participants.

Download the audition form here.  

Reserve an audition spot online!

Auditions at the Coralville Public Library (Schwab Auditorium):
Friday, September 26 from 4-6pm
Saturday, September 27 from 11-2pm

Performances: December 5 and 6, 2014

Participation fee: $40.  Each participant must have an up to date family membership ($30 per year).

Questions?  Contact Tara at or (906) 458-1544.


Narrators #1-4
Jake Marley
The Scrooge
Bob Cratchit
Bed-Headed Fred
Solicitors #1-2
Ghost Xmas Past
Young Scrooge
Belle’s Husband
Ghost Xmas Present
Mrs. Cratchit
Timmy Loo Hoo
Bed-Headed Fred’s Wife
Voices at Party #1-4
Sven, Ghost Future
Old Fezziwig
Street people, rock band members, party guests

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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe opens September 12


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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Cast List

Susan – Emma Bluder
Peter – David Bluder
Edmund – Sean Harken
Lucy – Samantha Croco
Aslan – Mira Bohannan Kumar
White Witch – Shanthi Chackalackal
Mr. Beaver – Sasha Chackalackal
Mrs. Beaver – Mary Vander Weg
Fenris Ulf – Emma Furlong
Mr. Tumnus – Elizabeth Davis
Father Christmas/Bear – Quincy Coghill-Behrends
Elf/Skunk (Newcomer 1) – Sammi Falduto
White Stag/Rabbit (Newcomer 2) – Chase Horning
Unicorn – Heidi Vogts
Centaur – Trevor Phillips
Dwarf – Sam Nester
Wood Nymph 1 – Mia Olson
Wood Nymph 2 – Emily Kucera

Aslan’s Followers:
Leopard 1 (Animal 1) – Anna Lindower
Leopard 2 (Animal 2) – Marijke Nielsen
Fox 1 (Animal 3) – Callista Robertson
Fox 2 (Animal 4) – Sophie Dahlstrom
Dog (Animal 5) – Thomazin Jury
Eagle (Animal 6) – Laurel Preston

Witch’s Army:
Wraith 1 (1st army member) – Valerie Teets
Wraith 2 (2nd army member) – Caroline Mascardo
Hag – Katrina Tanner
Orkny 1 – Luca Chackalackal
Orkny 2 – AJ Murdah
Cruel 1 – Morgan Etscheidt
Cruel 2 – Beatrice Kaskie
Horror 1 – Julius Perez
Horror 2 – Jeffrey Pratt

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Auditions for “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”

This fall’s Young Footliters production is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, directed by Matt Falduto. Rehearsals from run July 28-September 11. Performances are September 12-14 at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts.

Auditions are at the Coralville Public Library, Schwab Auditorium on July 9 and 10 from 6pm-8pm. Please use the underground parking.

Click here to sign up for an audition slot.

Click here for the audition form.

Actors entering 4th grade through 12th grade this fall may audition. Those auditioning may prepare a short monologue or be prepared to do a cold reading from provided scripts. Please bring a list of all conflicts through September 14. Note that tech week (September 7-11) and performances will be mandatory for all participants. Indicate any dance experience on your audition form (dance experience is not required). We are open to cross-gender casting of many roles, including Aslan.

If you cannot make any of these audition times, contact the director at Depending on availability, we may be able to arrange another audition time. You may also email the director will questions about the auditions.

Participation fee will be $40 per child, and all families with children participating need to have an up-to-date Young Footliter membership.

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The Wizard of Oz Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  The turnout for auditions was amazing, and our director had to  make some difficult choices.  We are thrilled to announce our cast:

Dorothy Gale: Alison DeVore

Auntie Em: Alexandra Eldridge

Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard: Dylan Davenport

Scarecrow/Hunk: Piper Wenzel

Tin Man/Hickory: Nysio Poulakos

CowardlyLion/Zeke: Joseph Lepire

Miss Almira Gulch/ Wicked Witch: Emma Furlong

Glinda: Kate Vanderleest

Professor Marvel/Wizard of OZ: Quincy Coghill-Behrends

Nikko the Commander of the Flying Monkeys: Raif Schaffner

Mayor of Munchkinland: Owen Smith




Veronica Abreu *

Alexandra Eldrige                   Owen Smith                            Raif Schaffer

Quincy Coghill-Behrends         Mackenzie Voigt                     Gianna Smith

Ana Van Beck                         Elizabeth Davis                       Regan N. Lamb

Thomazin Jury                       Olivia Russell                          Mia Olson

Kara Thomas                           Sienna Schaffner                     Marijke Nielson

Tehya Miles                             Logan Norfleet                       Shelby Zukin

Tristan Schaffner                    Trevor Phillps                          Pieper Stence

Emma Arp                               Teagen Bollers                        Ashlynn Dale

Sasha M. Tyler                        Katey Halverson                     Abbie Callahan

Emma Bluder                          Heidi Voyts                            Nola Femino

Macayle DeVore

* Dorothy understudy



Whit Jury                                Clive Guidry               Bryn Russell

Julianna Mascardo                  Johnny Ziegelbein       Ellie Ziegelbein

Tali Clements                          Zoe Smith                   Jack Furlong

Rowan Russell                         Will Jackson                Lauren Vogts

Anna Prieskorn                       Lilly Vogts                  Lily Schloss

Rachel Swack                         Sebastian Robertson   Claire Lawler

Grace DeVore                         Emma McMahon        Alyssa C. Lamb

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Auditions for The Wizard of Oz

This summer’s Young Footliters production is The Wizard of Oz, directed by Krista Neumann!

Performances are July 25-27 at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts.

Auditions are at the Coralville Public Library, Schwab Auditorium.  Please use the underground parking.

Children and teens entering first grade this fall through those graduating high school this spring may audition.  Auditioners should prepare 16 bars of a song and bring sheet music; singing something from The Wizard of Ozis encouraged but not required. An accompanist will be provided; is a great source for sheet music. Auditionersmay be asked to read from sides as part of their audition.  All auditioners will be asked to dance.

Please note the audition structure.  Those auditioning from 9am-10am on Saturday will be asked to stay for a dance audition at 10am.  Those auditioning from 10:30am-11:30am will have their dance audition at 11:30am.  On Sunday, those auditioning from 12:30-1:30pm will dance at 1:30pm, and those auditioning from 1:30-2:30pm will dance at 2:30pm. For the dance audition, be dressed to move and be prepared to learn some basic choreography.

Call backs will be Wednesday, May 21, by invitation only.

The participation fee for The Wizard of Oz is $75 per child.

Click here to sign up for an audition slot.

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