The Wizard of Oz Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  The turnout for auditions was amazing, and our director had to  make some difficult choices.  We are thrilled to announce our cast:

Dorothy Gale: Alison DeVore

Auntie Em: Alexandra Eldridge

Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard: Dylan Davenport

Scarecrow/Hunk: Piper Wenzel

Tin Man/Hickory: Nysio Poulakos

CowardlyLion/Zeke: Joseph Lepire

Miss Almira Gulch/ Wicked Witch: Emma Furlong

Glinda: Kate Vanderleest

Professor Marvel/Wizard of OZ: Quincy Coghill-Behrends

Nikko the Commander of the Flying Monkeys: Raif Schaffner

Mayor of Munchkinland: Owen Smith




Veronica Abreu *

Alexandra Eldrige                   Owen Smith                            Raif Schaffer

Quincy Coghill-Behrends         Mackenzie Voigt                     Gianna Smith

Ana Van Beck                         Elizabeth Davis                       Regan N. Lamb

Thomazin Jury                       Olivia Russell                          Mia Olson

Kara Thomas                           Sienna Schaffner                     Marijke Nielson

Tehya Miles                             Logan Norfleet                       Shelby Zukin

Tristan Schaffner                    Trevor Phillps                          Pieper Stence

Emma Arp                               Teagen Bollers                        Ashlynn Dale

Sasha M. Tyler                        Katey Halverson                     Abbie Callahan

Emma Bluder                          Heidi Voyts                            Nola Femino

Macayle DeVore

* Dorothy understudy



Whit Jury                                Clive Guidry               Bryn Russell

Julianna Mascardo                  Johnny Ziegelbein       Ellie Ziegelbein

Tali Clements                          Zoe Smith                   Jack Furlong

Rowan Russell                         Will Jackson                Lauren Vogts

Anna Prieskorn                       Lilly Vogts                  Lily Schloss

Rachel Swack                         Sebastian Robertson   Claire Lawler

Grace DeVore                         Emma McMahon        Alyssa C. Lamb


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One response to “The Wizard of Oz Cast List

  1. dz

    Congratulations to the cast of the Wizard of Oz. Break a leg. You’ll be fabulous.

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