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Auditions for “A Seussified Christmas Carol”

This winter’s Hoover Library production is Peter Bloedel’s A Seussified Christmas Carol. This comedic take on the Dickens tale is told in rhymed verse, inspired by a certain children’s author. Directed by Tara Acton.

Anyone grades K-12 may audition. Those auditioning should be prepared to do a cold reading from provided scripts; they may also recite or read a short rhyming poem. Please bring a list of all conflicts from October 13 through December 6. Note that tech week (December 1-6) and performances will be mandatory for all participants.

Download the audition form here.  

Reserve an audition spot online!

Auditions at the Coralville Public Library (Schwab Auditorium):
Friday, September 26 from 4-6pm
Saturday, September 27 from 11-2pm

Performances: December 5 and 6, 2014

Participation fee: $40.  Each participant must have an up to date family membership ($30 per year).

Questions?  Contact Tara at or (906) 458-1544.


Narrators #1-4
Jake Marley
The Scrooge
Bob Cratchit
Bed-Headed Fred
Solicitors #1-2
Ghost Xmas Past
Young Scrooge
Belle’s Husband
Ghost Xmas Present
Mrs. Cratchit
Timmy Loo Hoo
Bed-Headed Fred’s Wife
Voices at Party #1-4
Sven, Ghost Future
Old Fezziwig
Street people, rock band members, party guests


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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe opens September 12


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