Congrats to the cast of Charlotte’s Web!

Charlotte’s Web has been cast – congratulations!

The Cast:
Fern Arable Madisyn Zachar
John Arable Erin Moniger
Martha Arable Savannah Stookey
Avery Arable Aidan Alvarado
Homer Zuckerman Ronan Smith
Edith Zuckerman Marijke Nielsen
Lurvy Veda Fitzpatrick
Wilbur Maddie O’Donnell
Charlotte Willa Martin
Templeton Lilly Vogts
Goose Sammi Falduto
Gander Tommy Kerns
Sheep Maya Wald
Lamb Amelia Marquardt
First Chorus Member Laurel Preston
Second Chorus Member Alina Davis
Third Chorus Member Teya Kerns
Uncle/Crowd Davis Nepple
Joy the spider/Judge/Crowd Rana Saba
Aranea the spider/Judge/Crowd Laila Zastrow
Nellie the spider/Judge/Crowd Piper Falduto
First Spectator/Crowd Jake Endahl
Second Spectator/Crowd Nicholas Davis
First Fairgoer/Crowd Briar Martin
Second Fairgoer/Crowd Jocie Bozarth
Third Fairgoer/Crowd Ella Vakiner
Announcer/Voice/Crowd Anneke Nielsen
Photographer Jinann AbuDagga
Reporter Grace Bartlett

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