A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS directed by Krista Neumann


A family-friendly holiday musical based on the beloved animated TV special. Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang as they dig past the commercialized gimmicks of presents and decorations to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas. Through a pageant and a spindly tree, Charlie Brown and friends bring the holiday spirit back to life for families once again!


Charlie Brown –  The everyman; with ever changing moods; both befriended and ostracized by all; a loser-yet-leader who is often depressed but rises out of every downfall with shining hope and determination.

Snoopy – A genuinely happy dog; full of energy, imagination and sass; known for his “happy dance” and his numerous alter-egos.  Snoopy is very popular in the neighborhood.  A physical, more than speaking role.

Lucy – Linus’s older sister; bossy and a know-it-all, but very smart and a natural leader; has a crush on Schroeder; is ready to be older than her age; interests include psychiatry and real estate.

Sally – The youngest of the group, with a very young sounding voice; Charlie Brown’s little sister who has a crush on Linus; is adorable and spunky but often overreacts to situations.

Schroeder – A piano prodigy and Lucy’s love interest; admirer of Bethoven; Charlie Brown’s second best friend after Linus.

Pig Pen – Known for attracting dust, making him very filthy but with a good heart.

Frieda – The girl who brags about her “naturally curly hair”; a total diva.

Violet – Lucy and Patty’s best friend; a mean and snobby girl.

Patty – Not to be confused with Peppermint Patty.  Best friend to Lucy and Violet; sometimes bullies the others.

Shermy – A friend of Charlie Brown’s.  Very dry; bemoans that he has to play a shepherd in the play every year.


Rehearsals begin Sunday, October 1 and will typically be held Sunday -Thursday evenings in Coralville, space TBA.

Tech Week Rehearsals, November 12 – 16, will be held at The Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. Participation in Tech Week and all performances is mandatory to participate in the show.

Performances are November 17 & 18 at 7PM and November 19 at 2PM. at The Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, 1301 5th Street, Coralville.

Tech week and all performances are mandatory! Previous commitments that will conflict with tech week and performances must be rearranged. Do not commit to any Young Footliters Production unless you can make it a priority and honor the guidelines and rules.  Be sure your family can support you in your schedule.



Auditions are Tuesday, September 12 and Wednesday, September 13, from 6 pm – 9 pm @ The Coralville Recreation Center, 1506 8th Street, Coralville.  

For auditions please prepare up to 32 bars of a musical theatre song of your choice that shows off your voice, and demonstrates your ability to tell a story. Bring sheet music and an accompanist will be provided.  You may also be asked to do a cold reading from the script.

Please fill out this AUDITION FORM  to secure an audition appointment.  Once you fill out a form, our producer, Liz Tracey, will contact you with your appointment time.  If you do not hear back from us within a couple of days, please email etracey@coralville.org.


The participation fee for Young Footliters is $45 per play and $75 per musical. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a musical.  Your fee is $75 per child.  Your participation fee is a crucial part of making this theatre possible. But we understand that participation fees may make it difficult for your child to be involved in a show.  Please let us help.  Scholarships are available through the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts for families with financial need.  Please don’t hesitate to e-mail Liz Tracey if you would like a scholarship form.  etracey@coralville.org.


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