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Kazoo,  is the story of Wren, a 13 year old girl. She’s an average girl, living a pretty normal life. She has a mom and loves to play her kazoo. She hangs out with her two best friends, Kaylee and Lily, in a treehouse that is their sanctuary. But then everything goes wrong – her mom dies, she has to move in with her aunt, her friends don’t understand what she’s going through and she loses her beloved kazoo. But with the help of a mysterious and funny stranger, Wren embarks on a journey to find her kazoo.

Kazoo is written in a storyteller style – there are eight actors who tell the story to the audience. All eight also become a character in the story.

Magic is woven throughout the story, from ghosts to talking rabbits to dangerous pythons. It’s a really fast-paced, fun and funny story with a lot of heart.

You can learn more about Kazoo and the playwright’s vision of the show in this video.


Matt Falduto was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs but fell in love with Iowa City upon his arrival in 1992. After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in English, he decided to fulfill his dream of starting a theatre company. Dreamwell Theatre has produced over 70 shows since its inception in 1997. Many years later, Matt found himself at Iowa State University, where he earned a Master’s in Education. He’s been writing plays since college. A number of them have been performed in the Iowa City area, including  Ozma of Oz, an adaptation of two of the Oz books, and Guinevere and Arthur, a new take on the Arthurian legend, both produced by The Young Footliters.


Note: While Wren, Kaylee and Lily are 13 years old in the script, they could be played by anyone from 12 to 17. Don’t limit yourself!

STORYTELLER 1/WREN – Wren is the main character, a teenage girl full of silliness and fun. Gender: Female

STORYTELLER 2/LILY – Lily, one of Wren’s best friends, is a quiet girl who is completely loyal to her friends. Gender: Female

STORYTELLER 3/KAYLEE – Kaylee, Wren’s other best friend, is passionate and quick to fight for what’s right. Gender: Female

STORYTELLER 4/MOM – A single mom and a nurse, she loves Wren completely and without question. Gender: Female

STORYTELLER 5/LAWN CARE PROFESSIONAL – The mysterious wacky and weird stranger. Gender: Male

STORYTELLER 6/WITCH – She’s a witch with an attitude. Gender: Female

STORYTELLER 7/PYTHON LEADER – Dangerous and sly, this snake’s smooth words can spell disaster for any who get in its way. Gender: Unspecified

STORYTELLER 8/DOLPHIN LEADER – A magic speaking dolphin, this character knows all the answers. Gender: Unspecified

There are also around 55 supporting characters who will be played by around 20 actors. Every actor will have some lines. We’re looking for about 30 actors total.


There are three performances: 9/7 at 7:00 pm, 9/8 at 7:00 pm, 9/9 at 2:00 pm

If you audition, you must be able to commit to the rehearsal process.  Rehearsals run Monday – Thursday from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm as well as Sunday afternoons. Not all actors will be called to all rehearsals.  Rehearsals start July 23. Please list all conflicts on your audition form. Any conflicts that come up later or are not listed on the form will have to be negotiated with the director.

Tech week begins with loading in to the theatre on September 2. No absences are permitted during tech week. Note that there will be a rehearsal on Labor Day, September 3rd and that rehearsal is mandatory as well.


Auditions are open to actors going into 5th through 12th grade. Auditions are July 13 from 2 pm- 5 pm and July 14 from 9 am-12 pm at the Coralville Library.

You can read the script here: CLICK HERE.

Actors may perform a short monologue if they’d like, but this is not required. All actors will read scenes from the script.

If you’re interested Wren, Lily, Kaylee or Mom, you might wish to choose a dramatic monologue rather than a comedic one, as all of those characters have dramatic moments in the script.

For more tips on auditioning for Kazoo, please view this video.


Please fill out this audition form before signing up for a time slot.  Make sure you list all of your rehearsal conflicts.  Click here: AUDITION FORM

Please sign up for an auditon time slot by clicking on this link: SignUpGenius


Please contact Liz Tracey,, if you have any questions.  Thank you!


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Thank you for the enormous turnout at auditions for our Young Footliter’s Summer musical Aladdin, Jr.  We had our largest amount of auditioners ever and are very excited to see many new faces in our upcoming production.  For those of you who did not get cast, please do not get discouraged.  We have some wonderful camps planned for this summer and more shows to audition for in this upcoming season.  Please, keep coming back!

Genie – Willa Martin

Aladdin – Dominic Helmuth

Jasmine – Jay Murphy

Jafar – Joey Lepire

Iago – Maya Wald

The Sultan – Whit Jury

Babkak –  Charlie Bates

Omar – John Wiegel

Kassim – Henry Yoder

Isir–Una Weber

Manal–Gabby Finlayson

Rajah – Kyra Helmuth

Razoul / Cave of Wonders – McKenna Proud

Guard 1 – Jared Moninger

Guard 2 – Jacob Allen

Prince Abdullah – Beau Leavenworth


Dade Altman

Grace Bartlett

Aidan Belizzi

Addison Bollier

Olivia Caskey

Georgia Clark

Amelia Douglas

Ruby Frank

Jack Furlong

Blake Gordley

Emily Granfield

Niles Granfield

Vince Green

Greta Gromacki

James Haack

Rachel Haack

Tom Ham

Clara Hibbard

Mason Irving

Claire Lawler

Noah Linley

Lila MacInnis-Baumert

Briar Martin

Viola McConville

Oliver Miller

Maple Miller

Erin Moses

Annabelle Papke

Santiago Perez

Anna Randal

Ana Rippentrop

Tessera Rippentrop

Luke Reimer

Claire Reimer

Rana Saba

Viviana Sanchez

Shea Sanders

Alaina Schmidt

Gianna Smith

Savannah Stookey

Ella Vakiner

Lovella Varner

Clara Visser

Summer Walsh-Saylor

Iris Wedemeyer

Nathan Weimar

Zach Wieskamp

Nora Yates

Helen Zhang

Please email Liz Tracey,,  if you cannot accept your part.  Otherwise Liz will be contacting the cast shortly with rehearsal information.

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