SLEEPY HOLLOW a musical tale


On Halloween night, when three modern-day kids decide to trick or treat at the old “Crane House,” they are magically transported right into the middle of the classic tale of Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katie Van Tassel, and – of course – the Headless Horseman! Lots of spooky and hilarious moments in this far-out time travel tale, as the three kids cope with life in 1790, goblins, and how to find their way back home.



AMY – 12 or 13ish – nice and super-smart

CHARLIE – 14 or 15ish – bossy, a know-it-all and pushes around the other two kids

IRVING – 8 or 9ish – cute kid


TRUDY – Woman of the town – mother of ABBEY, BEN, WASHINGTON

ICHABOD CRANE/OLD ICHABOD – Schoolmaster – tall, awkward, in love with KATIE – frightened of his own shadow

KATIE (KATRINA VAN TASSEL) – Pretty, enamored with ICHABOD, intrigued with BROM BONES – but skeptical that either one is really right for her (KATIE Can also double as DUTCH WIFE 2)

BROM BONES – 18th Century Hunk, self-indulgent, in love with KATIE and himself

DUTCH WIFE 1 – Sort of a “do-wopp” backup chorus of women caricatures of the Dutch Wives – funny

DUTCH WIFE 2 – Sort of a “do-wopp” backup chorus of women caricatures of the Dutch Wives – funny

DUTCH WIFE 3 – Sort of a “do-wopp” backup chorus of women caricatures of the Dutch Wives – funny

RUSTIC LAD 1/MODERN COP – BROM BONES loyal followers who worship him

RUSTIC LAD 2 – BROM BONES loyal followers who worship him

RUSTIC LAD 3 – BROM BONES loyal followers who worship him


ABBEY – 18th Century child

BEN – 18th Century child

WASHINGTON – 18th Century child

SOFIE/EMILY – 18th Century child



There are three performances: Friday, October 19 @ 7:00 pm, Saturday, October 20 @ 7:00 pm and Sunday, October 21 @ 2:00 pm.

If you audition, you must be able to commit to the rehearsal process.  Rehearsals typically run Monday – Thursday from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm as well as Sunday afternoons. Not all actors will be called to all rehearsals but you can expect run throughs of the show regularly as you get close to tech week.  Rehearsals start Monday, August 20thPlease list all conflicts on your audition form. Any conflicts that come up later or are not listed on the form will have to be negotiated with the director.

Tech week begins with loading in to the theatre on October 14. No absences are permitted during tech week.


Auditions are open to 4th graders through 12th graders.

Auditions for Sleepy Hollow are Tuesday, August 7 (5 pm – 8 pm) and Wednesday, August 8 (5 pm – 8 pm) at The Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, 1301 5th St, Coralville.  (Please enter through the Green Room door, accessed by the underground parking to the rear of the building.)

You can listen to excepts of songs from the musical by clicking this link

Please come prepared to sing 32 bars of a song of your choice that shows off your voice.  You will need to bring piano music and an accompanist will be provided.

You may be given a side from the script to read.  No preparation will be necessary for that.


Please fill out this audition form before signing up for a time slot.  Make sure you list ALL of your rehearsal conflicts.  Click here:AUDITION FORM

Please sign up for an audition time slot by clicking on this link: SignUpGenius


Please contact Liz Tracey,, if you have any questions.  Thank you!


  1. – is one good source to find sheet music. But I would not overlook talking to more experienced actors and asking them what they have used. You may well get sheet music from a sympathetic theatre friend.
  2. Make sure you are singing in the same key as the written music you give the pianist.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. It really helps to practice with a live piano but if you can’t do that, have someone make a recording for you.
  4. Have the music taped together accordian style so that the accompanist does not have to flip the page while you are singing.
  5. Find the interesting part of the song. “32 bars” means counting measures of the song.  You do not have to be exact.  Start at a comfortable spot in the song and stop at a natural ending.  You do not need to sing every verse of the song.
  6. Pick a song that fits comfortably in your vocal range. Check out the musical you are auditioning for. ( Youtube is a great asset – use it. ) Pick a song that fits that style of the musical.
  7. Remember, everyone in the audition room wants you to succeed. Warm up at home, come into the room, introduce yourself and then walk over to the accompanist and give her your music.  Talk to her about what pace you would like to take the song and when you and everyone else in the room is ready, begin!
  8. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and makes you feel confident. You do not have to come in costume.  Let the directors see who you are.  They can always guide you to a character they want you to play.
  9. Do not be afraid to mess up! I can not stress how much the directors want you to be successful.  If you need to start over, do not fret about it!  It happens much more often then you might guess (even with experienced actors).
  10. If you have any questions about auditioning feel free to contact Liz Tracey at

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