Participant Expectations

Young Footliters is committed to the use of theater arts to encourage young people to become involved members of their communities.  Young Footliters’ mission and productions are made possible by:

  • A network of parents and community members dedicated to creating a positive experience for everyone involved;
  • Parent participation, which is required for the success of every production and impacts the effort young people give and the enjoyment they receive;
  • The area’s vibrant theater community, which provides professional local talent and collaboration.

In order for Young Footliters and the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts to deliver the best experience for our young performers, we have the following expectations of children and parents.

We expect our young performers will:

  • Show respect for others.  Bullying, name calling, inappropriate language, and similar behavior will not be tolerated.  Successful theater depends on teamwork and mutual support.
  • Be present and focused during rehearsal and performances to respect their own time and that of their director and fellow performers.
  • Be respectful of all rehearsal and performance spaces, costumes, props, and set pieces.
  • Arrive on time to rehearsals and performances, ready to do their best.
  • Work at home as necessary to be ready for rehearsals and performances.
  • Have fun and help others to do the same.

We expect our parents will:

  • Ensure their child attends scheduled rehearsals and performances, arriving on time and ready to do their best.
  • Respect and support all children, directors, parents, and staff members involved in the program.
  • Not attempt to influence a director’s casting, role or line assignment, or other production-related decisions.
  • Demonstrate to their children that honoring the successes of others does not detract from their own success.
  • Assist their child in preparing for rehearsals, learning lines, etc.
  • Volunteer in some capacity for each production their child participates in.
  • Encourage their child to have fun!  We hope that the process is also fun for the parents.

2 responses to “Participant Expectations

  1. dz

    Good evening,

    My children had a wonderful time preparing and auditioning for the Wizard of Oz. When and where will the cast for the Wizard of Oz be posted? Thanks.


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